About a week ago I was told by Kenny, who is an old friend of mine, that he had located a new abandoned location. We have had a lot of explorations of abandoned and derelict places together, when we both had just started getting into photography.

We haven’t explored and shot together for quite some time – so it was a very nice experience to do it again.
Kenny’s have always been a huge inspiration of mine regarding my personal work and projects. He has a great eye for finding subjects that I can easily miss. You can see his photographs from our trip HERE

The location is an abandoned sawmill that has been abandoned for quite some time – we found documents dating back to 1996.
It has been vandalized a bit like so many other spots in Denmark – broken windows and smashed furniture. I also recognized a lot of the graffiti-pieces made by artists I have photographed in Copenhagen and at Roskilde Festival.

I was picked up by Kenny after finishing a paid assignment, so I had the big bag of Fuji-gear with me, including the X100s, X-Pro2 and the gorgeous Fujinon lenses XF 35mm f/2, XF 16mm f/1.4 and the XF 56mm f/1.2. I primarily used the X-pro2 and had the X100s around my neck. Although I was carrying a lot of gear, the combined weight was a joy to carry around for several hours compared to my old Canon gear… Kenny was shooting with the monstrous Hasselblad H5D with various lenses, tripod and flashes.

Back when we started shooting together, we had sort of the same style of shooting, but this time I could really feel how much our style of shooting have changed over the years; Kenny sets up every shot with an expert eye for small details, where I move pretty quick and shoot scenes just as I see them. It’s funny to see how different photos we both ended up with after getting home and sorting out the shots.

Enjoy the photographs and stay tuned for more stuff like this in the future…