This weekend I had the opportunity to visit a spot I have been planning to visit for a long time. The last time I tried, I had to give up due to very heavy rain and wind, although it maybe wouldn’t have stopped a hardcore explorer, but I am glad I waited.

It is an abandoned farm in one of southern regions of Denmark. It consists of a house – which is pretty much empty and a barn, which is packed with things left behind by the former resident(s).
In the barn, I found a newspaper dating back to 1976 – previously the oldest newspaper I stumpled upon at an abandoned building was from 1991.

The second part of the gallery underneath (starting from the bath tub), is from a second location, which is also a farm house partly demolished, but managed to find some nice things here as well.

I really enjoy visiting and photographing these derelict structures – walking around is always exciting and somewhat therapeutic.
There is always this tranquil feeling and it makes me wonder about the story of the place: Who lived here? Why did they leave their house like this?

All of the photographs was shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the Fujinon XF-16mm f/1.4 – the low light capability of both camera and lens lets me travel light and I do not miss dragging around a tripod.
Enjoy the photographs…